How to sell voluntary work to potential volunteers

These days there seem to be countless places where potential volunteers could go and perform perform voluntary work. So charities and voluntary organisations should consider the best ways for them to recruit volunteers. Now some organisations seem quite fortunate and are able to recruit and retain volunteers without too many problems and very little effort. Others find it difficult to find people to allow their organisations to operate effectively.

Think about selling points

Some people do voluntary work because they support a specific cause and have strong feelings. Yet some people decide to volunteer because they are looking to do things to make themselves more employable so charities supporting lesser known causes should go out and explain the advantages of volunteering with them. For instance, a smaller charity may be able to offer more leadership roles than a well known charity that could only offer till work or book sorting. May be a less well known organisation can offer voluntary work in their head office or campaign section so that potential volunteers could contribute to running the whole organisation or writing campaign materials.

Make people feel welcome

As people cannot be offered money to work for charities then these organisations have to mention the good things about voluntary work such as gaining work experience, developing skills and being part of a team. There is certainly a social side connected to many places that allow people to do voluntary work for them. Volunteering can give young people more confidence as well as new skills. For retired people volunteer work can be a reason to go out of the house and meet others.

Volunteering is something that many people will benefit from doing, as they gain skills and help out those who need it the most.